How To Tweet, The Basics: Dos and Don’ts for Newbies

Millions of users are joining the conversations that revolve around top news stories and other hot topics that are trending. Your favorite celebrities, athletes, politicians, and musicians are tweeting away. The producers from the most popular television shows and movies now realize that a hashtag is critical to create social buzz and, more importantly, ratings and ticket sales. The value of Twitter has been phenomenal in terms of networking, job creation, product launches, and successful marketing. Have you joined the conversation yet?


In How To Tweet, The Basics, Kathi Flynn teaches you how to use Twitter in a very simple, conversational tone. After giving you a bit of history, statistics, and definitions, How To Tweet will give you strategies for setting up your Twitter profile (including Twitter on Mobile devices), deciding who to follow, and how to use the Tabs. Most importantly, This first book in the Using Twitter series will offer you the Dos and Don’ts of using Twitter so that you learn the best methods for Twitter success. Once you develop a strategy and adhere to the etiquette advice, you’ll be well on your way to building a following.