Social Media Marketing: 12 Successful Strategies to Master Social Media, Grow Your Followers & Build Your Brand Online

Discover the 12 Successful Strategies to Master Social Media, Grow Your Followers & Build Your Brand Online (Regardless of Money, Time, or Experience)


This book is a comprehensive guide packed with actionable social media tips, practical pointers and invaluable little-known trade secrets.

Inside you will also find plenty of handy examples and mini case-studies of brands who’ve built an enviable social media presence to inspire you.

From established multi-million dollar companies (eg. Coca-Cola, GE, Groupon, Ben and Jerry’s) to small everyday businesses, There is something you can learn and be inspired by to create success in your own niche or industry

For only the price of a cup of coffee, I spill the beans on everything from creating content that spreads like wildfire, to pro tips on hosting the perfect social media event, to being the ultimate influencer in your industry.

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

The Little Known Secrets to Skyrocket Your Social Shares and Create a Viral Blitzerieg!
The X-Factor effect used by Top Social Media Influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez to become THE Go-to Authority in your field, and attract a loyal fanbase of hungry buying customers
How an Unknown Swiss Village Grew Their Social Media Likes and Followers by Leaps and Bounds, Resulting in a Staggering 250% Increase in Tourism! (Very few brand’s get this right)
How a small home decor items retailer in Tuscan grew their tiny subscriber list by a whopping 200% in 3 weeks, resulting in $10,000 profit!
How to host kickass Social Media Events to generate huge amounts of buzz and build a ravenous audience. Millionaire/Tech Entrepreneur Alex Becker did this leading up to his book launch event and made 60k in 1 day
and Much, much more!

So, you can go down to Starbucks and get one of those fancy schmancy frappucino’s OR you can invest in this book and discover the proven steps and strategies to master social media, grow your followers and build your brand online.