Recruit and Grow Rich: How to Quickly Build a Successful Network Marketing Business by Recruiting Smarter, Not Working Harder

In network marketing nothing is more important than recruiting. If you want passive income, you’ve got to build a team. Unfortunately, many MLM distributors struggle with recruiting.

They can’t get prospects to look at the presentation. They invite people to events but they don’t show up. They follow-up repeatedly but people don’t call them back.

What if there was a way to get almost everyone you approach to look at your business presentation? What if you could find out immediately if they were interested? What if you knew how to get more exposures done in a day than you now do all week?

Do you think you might get more people to sign up?


In Recruit and Grow Rich, that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do.

Author David M. Ward is an attorney who started a network marketing business to build retirement income. His schedule only allowed him to work the business a few hours a week and his business grew slowly. Frustrated with his results, he set out to find ways to “recruit smarter” and quickly sign up more prospects.

His methods worked. In his first few years he signed up hundreds of distributors and created a six-figure passive income. In this book, Ward lays out the system he used to quickly identify interested prospects, expose them, and get them signed up–often in a single day.

In Recruit and Grow Rich, you’ll learn:

** How to identify the BEST prospects for your multilevel marketing or direct sales business
** How to find out if someone is a good prospect in ONE MINUTE OR LESS
** How to do MORE exposures in a DAY than you now do all WEEK
** How to double or TRIPLE your recruiting results by using different approaches for different people
** A simple way to increase the “show up” ratio for prospects you invite to live events and conference calls
** How to control the entire exposure process (THE KEY to recruiting MORE people with LESS effort)
** The TRUTH about duplication (and why so many people get it WRONG)
** How to (finally!) stop leaving messages with people who don’t call you back
** A simple “two question” close that really works (PLUS: more closes for different situations)
** Scripts for approaching, exposing, and closing more distributors
** And much more

Recruit and Grow Rich comes with two bonus chapters:

BONUS CHAPTER 1: How to Do Three-Way Calls

You’ll learn a step-by-step method for using three-way calls to close more prospects. You get the exact words to use to get prospects on the call, and how to introduce them to your third-party expert.

BONUS CHAPTER 2: How to Handle Objections

How to handle ANY network marketing objection, including,“I don’t want to sell,” “I don’t want to approach my friends and family,” and “I don’t like MLM”.

If you’ve been disappointed with the results you’re getting in your business, that’s about to change. If you’re just getting started and want to know how to make this a profitable business instead of a costly hobby, this book shows you how.

You can QUICKLY build a successful network marketing business by recruiting smarter. Get Recruit and Grow Rich and learn how.