The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success – Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search

Many LinkedIn books focus solely on creating a killer LinkedIn profile. But LinkedIn is not a passive sport. You can’t just sit around waiting for people to find your awesome profile.

This book will help you create a top-notch profile AND make REAL MONEY with LinkedIn.

Tens of thousands have already used Wayne Breitbarth’s LinkedIn secrets to land lucrative new customers, find great new jobs, and, of course, generate more income.

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This completely revised and updated 3rd Edition of Breitbarth’s bestselling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success will help you:

-Set yourself apart from the LinkedIn masses
-Get people to immediately engage with you after they see your profile
-Find the right people and turn them into customers
-Discover insider information about employers, customers, and even your competitors
-Find a great new job–many times when you’re not even looking for one!

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business tools on the planet. You NEED to learn how to use it. And this book is your perfect step-by-step guide.