Network to Increase Your Net Worth

So you think you know everything you need to know about NETWORKING? Well, think again! This book will blow you away with its content and shatter every misconception that you’ve ever had about the art of networking. You will learn some valuable tips and discover several “tweetable” quotes from the 30 women who contributed to this book. each of them have increased their bottom lines through networking.

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Have you ever attended networking events in the past only to discover that you don’t know what to do once you get there? Or have you ever just abandoned the idea of attending networking events at all?

Well, each of the 30 authors of this book have unique experiences when it comes to networking, but one thing is very clear – each of them have increased their bottom lines by practicing what they preach. As they all tell there stories and networking tips you will learn how friendships and partnerships have been created all through the art of connecting with others both online and offline.

You will discover the art of social networking, networking in person, and networking on popular business websites like Linkedin.

Each chapter will pull you in and will teach you something that you never knew about networking. You will discover just as the title suggests how to network to increase your net worth.