The Money Queen’s Guide: For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear

Are you a material girl? The truth is that, as women, we all have a unique relationship with money. We strive for financial security to support our family, ensure we can retire comfortably, create independence separate from our partners, and along the way, buy some nice purses. As much as we are motivated to make money, we often do not consider the crucial relationship between what we do today and how it WILL impact our life tomorrow.



From your Roaring 20’s, to your Thrifty 30’s, and all the way to your (hopefully) Smooth 60’s, The Money Queen’s Guide will work to lead you through each of these financial decades step-by-step and provide insight into the steps you can take, and the decision you should make to build a financially responsible future.

Financial security is an exciting journey we can take together. So pack your purse and get ready for the ride…