Minding Her Business: A Woman’s Guide & Journal for Living an Extraordinary Life

This book is for that woman who is tired of an ordinary life, working a 9-5, never making enough money, never having enough time to enjoy her life.

For that woman who knows she could do better but first needs to understand that she must feel she deserves better in order to get it.

For that woman who is tired of getting her heart broken and hast lost a piece of her self confidence each time she does.

That woman who needs to understand how much of a Queen she is that deserves all the love and joy in this world and to find that love of her self again.



This book serves as a guide for ambitious women to create a life that they absolutely love and DESERVE! Through self-love, empowerment, the laws of attraction, spirituality, & various visualization techniques, I teach & motivate anyone to acquire the proper mindset in order to achieve success in all areas of their lives. You will learn how to attract a loving relationship, money, success, personal growth, and anything you feel will bring your life happiness.