Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates From a Blogger Who Has Been in Your Shoes

Endorsed by New York Times Bestselling Author Jon Acuff and Top Blogger Kim Demmon of Today’s Creative Blog, Everything But the Posts is a resource for new and veteran bloggers alike. Jumpstart your blog

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Design your blog to attract readers • Choose the right blog name and avoid rebranding down the road • Create a community of bloggers through comments, linkups, and social media • Write content that goes viral • Reach out to brands you’d like to work with • Set fair rates for your work • Tips for giveaways and reviews • Attend conferences through brand sponsorships • Create a media kit Every day new blogs are started. People sign up for accounts, they begin posting their ideas and stories, and then… well, they get stuck. They need more readers and better ways to share content. They need to find a network of other bloggers they can bounce ideas off of. Based on her years of experience as a mentor to new bloggers, Becca Ludlum looks over your shoulder and answers the questions you haven’t asked yet. She gives you tips about setting up your blog, connecting with others in the blogging community, and making a few dollars in the process-Becca’s giving you everything but the posts. By the end of the book, you’ll be ready to use the templates she provides to pitch brands for reviews or conference sponsorships and even create your own media kit to present with your pitch. If you have questions, Becca is just a status update away in the Everything But the Posts Facebook group, which you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of after purchasing this book. It’s time to get started! In no time you will have the design, knowledge, and support you need to create an amazing blog or kickstart your existing one. Let Becca help you improve every aspect of your blog! Well, everything but the posts.