50 LinkedIn Power Tips: The Secret System to Consistently Generate Leads, Book Appointments and Increase Sales for Your Business in Less Time

How do you position yourself as a market leader and expert so that your ideal prospects will want to talk to you? You know that you need to have a consistent flow of conversations and meetings with new prospects to grow your business.
This book will help you to grow your business even if you’re just starting out, not tech-savvy or busy. The proven strategies have resulted in prospect meetings with professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and Fortune 500 C-level executives.


You’ll learn the 5-Phases to accelerate your business through LinkedIn so that you are consistent in generating leads and appointments with prospects. When you have a consistent number of conversations with prospects, you’ll consistently get new clients. Some of the strategies can also be applied to your other marketing channels. You’ll discover:
•How to get found and contacted by more prospects
•How to get LinkedIn to automatically send you prospects and leads?
•Secrets to find the most qualified prospects
•How to build your email or consultation list automatically?
•How to grow your network of qualified prospects and referral partners
•Marketing campaign messages so that prospects want to meet with you
•How to follow up with prospects and ask for referrals?
•How to re-engage existing connections who are ideal clients?
•Best practices to become a thought leader, grow your influence and staying top of mind
•How to save your time while creating content that prospects will engage with
•How to get seen by tens or hundreds of thousands of prospects?
•How to accelerate and automate to save you time and effort
The process will work for you, in your industry, for consistently generating more leads, appointments, and referrals to grow your sales in less time.